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Essential Tools for the Homeowner

Homeowner toolkit essentials: Allen wrench l Box wrench l Brads, nails, and spikes, various sizes l Channel-lock pliers (water pump pliers) l Cordless drill/screwdriver l Curved claw hammer l Digging spade l Duct tape l Extendable-handle rake l Glue gun l Hoe l Level (2-inch with aluminum housing) l Locking long-nose pliers l Magnetic tack hammer l Needle-nose pliers l Open-end wrench l Pipe wrenches l Portable tool box l Pruning shears l Pry bar l Pump water vacuum (wet/dry vac) l Saw l Screwdrivers, Phillips and flathead l Socket wrench with a ratchet handle l Spray lubricant l Staple gun l Strap wrench l Tape measure l Trowel l Utility knife l Wire cutters l Wood screws l Work flashlight


Five Home Maintenance Tasks to Take Care of as You Prepare to Sell Your Home
In January, we often make resolutions to improve every aspect of our lives, from our health to our habits to our hobbies. So, what about making a few resolutions for your home?

Here are five easy ways to add value to your home through maintenance or improvements:
1. Clean the gutters 
Before spring showers head your way, clear out the debris that fall left behind.
2. Caulk windows and doors 
A little preventative caulking will keep water from seeping in and potentially causing costly damage.
3. Refresh your paint 
Maybe you just need to paint over the scuffs on the trim, or maybe it's time for a bright new hue on your front door.
4. Let the laundry room breathe 
Clean out dryer vents and air ducts to prevent heat buildup.
5. Consider curb appeal 
Prepare your yard for spring planting.

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