Getting Your Home Ready to Sell and What You Need

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Your home's condition could possibly make or break the sale of your home.  As the seller, it's a great idea to invest in a Pre-Listing Inspection. Although it might seem odd to reinvest in the house you're trying to sell, but having a  pre-inspection is a smart move. This inspection will help you determine if there are an items that need to be repaired or addressed before listing the home.  It will also help you during negotiations. You will not only avoid having any surprise issues revealed by the buyer's inspection, but you will appear conscientious and responsible to the buyer. You may also have a buyer that decides to not perform an inspection based on the time to the Pre-Listing Inspection. 

1. Take safety precautions.

Because the safety of the homeowner is top priority, home inspectors make it a point to check all systems. Take the time to go around your home and check for anything faulty. If need be, replace the batteries in all smoke detectors and check gas lines. 

2. Clean inspection access points.

Blocked access points could also be considered a safety violation. The upkeep of your home is vital and is heavily considered during home inspections. Be sure to clean surface areas of appliances such as your stove or oven, and clear four to six inches around your home's exterior.  It is also requested to move boxes or any obstructions from in front of the HVAC Systems, Water Heater, Electrical Panels and Attic Scuttle.  

3. Make the proper improvements to your home's exterior. 

The outside of your home is just as important to home inspectors as it is to buyers. Take the time to clear debris from the yard, clean out gutters, or trim trees. This will not only make your home look neat, but it will also prevent your home's exterior from any damage.  Curb appeal is incredibly important. 

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